When should the piper play?

What tunes should I use?

Before the Ceremony

This is an optional time for the piper to play (more often in outdoor settings or if you have something special in mind). If the majority of the guests are arriving at the same time (exiting bus, moving from another location, etc.) then a piper can be used quite effectively. Pipers can also be used for processionals or to announce the arrival of the bride.  Highland Cathedral is a favorite processional.

During the Service

Playing during the ceremony should be short and sweet.   Amazing Grace or something similar can compliment a service appropriately. Save the majority of bagpiping for afterwards and check with your church or minister. Some have rules regarding music during the ceremony.

At the Receiving Line

Have the bagpiper start playing as soon as the couple is introduced or outside the church while the guests are exiting. The piper should play for several minutes while waiting for the wedding party to exit or a receiving line to form. Have the bagpiper stop playing when the photographer is ready to photograph the bridal party with bride and groom. When the photos are completed and the rice is thrown, the bagpiper can now begin to play a fast and lively tune while the couple enters the limo or exits to the reception.