Your guests will be enthralled when they hear bagpipes!



Bagpipes can make a pleasant addition to your special day. Pipers have been entertaining guests at weddings, banquets and parties for centuries. Your guests will be enthralled when they hear bagpipers marching into the reception hall. Bagpipes are often used in traditional, Scottish, and multi-ethnic weddings to the enjoyment of all.


Pipers and pipe bands are frequently used in conjunction with funeral services. Amazing Grace is a favorite for moments of reflection. Others choose more upbeat tunes to celebrate the life of a friend or loved one.

Parties & Celebrations

Bagpipes are often used to add uniquely light entertainment for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement functions or celebrations of any kind. Scottish heritage not required!

Traditional Highland Attire

All engagements performed in traditional highland attire. Variations include semi-formal, formal and military doublet (black or white). Click here for images.